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Pilgrimage centre Csíksomlyó

The Recultivatur project

The Recultivatur international project ( was initiated with the aim to save cultural religious heritage values, and to use them in the developement of religious tourism opportunities. The present paper is an integral part of the materials and outcomes of this European project. The project is financed by the South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Program, the Romanian partner is the Harghita County Council. Given that in Romania the potentials and opportunities of the religious tourism are poorly exploited, the Romanian partner of the project considers particularly important for the existing cultural-religious values to be taken into account and to be given them more attention. This is why the exploration of cultural-religious values, raising public awareness on them and their integration into local and regional development plans is considered as priority in most strategical documents (in specially in touristic and cultural strategies) of the county.

The Romanian partner of the project – the Harghita County Council - initiated religious tourism developments on three main fields. (1) First the walking pilgrimage routes of „The Way of Mary” – Via Mariae were promoted across the county, (2) secondly Csíksomlyó/Șumuleu Ciuc as sacral pilgrimage centre was improved through several program offers, and (3) thirdly the thematic routes of the Transylvanian Reformed churches was developed and promoted.

Presently the Harghita county is in the forefront considering the development of local route sections of the international pilgrimage way - the Way of Mary ...